Americans as post-human ghosts
What Israel is doing to Lebanon

When we communicate, we become god

Isolated, I am powerless.  I am blind to the world around me, blind to how I fit within it, blind to how I am perceived.  I am small. 

But when I communicate, I am no longer just I, but part of the larger we.  I am omnipresent because my knowledge extends beyond the self.  I am omnipotent because my influence extends beyond the self.

The words humans use to describe god are nothing more than projections of ourselves.  Humans, alone, are only...human.  But when we fulfill our role in Humanity, we become pieces of god.  What powers do we grant to our fictional gods that Humanity does not possess?

And what kind of god are we?  It depends.  Will we continue to sit in isolation and allow ourselves to be controlled by self-serving, lifeless corporations?  Or will we connect, communicate, and realize the divinity of our Humanity.