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July 2006

What Israel is doing to Lebanon

For the record, I think that what Israel is doing to Lebanon is no more excusable than what the Germans did to the Jews.  Israel, through its repeated actions, has become nothing other than a monster.  The governments of the United States and Israel...all those who hold power in these regimes and all those who support those in power...represent the greatest force of evil and destruction on the planet.

I think the point is obvious, but as I sit and watch innocent people get systematically murdered, I couldn't find a reason not to at least state my position. 

* Not that the systematic murder of the weak and defenseless by the most powerful is at all unique these days.

When we communicate, we become god

Isolated, I am powerless.  I am blind to the world around me, blind to how I fit within it, blind to how I am perceived.  I am small. 

But when I communicate, I am no longer just I, but part of the larger we.  I am omnipresent because my knowledge extends beyond the self.  I am omnipotent because my influence extends beyond the self.

The words humans use to describe god are nothing more than projections of ourselves.  Humans, alone, are only...human.  But when we fulfill our role in Humanity, we become pieces of god.  What powers do we grant to our fictional gods that Humanity does not possess?

And what kind of god are we?  It depends.  Will we continue to sit in isolation and allow ourselves to be controlled by self-serving, lifeless corporations?  Or will we connect, communicate, and realize the divinity of our Humanity.

Americans as post-human ghosts

So many Americans these days are like post-humans or ghosts...seperated from anything that was ever meaningful throughout the whole of history.  It is a land where the corporation has replaced thought, history, and anything meaningful such as family and friends.  It is a pergatory where people do what they are told and ignore anything fundamentally human within them for fear of pain.  This is what they mistake as morality.

So many Americans, choosing lives that mirror corporate media constructs, have turned their backs on life itself.  They have become cowardly shells of humans living a thoughtless, emotionless, unfeeling existance.

Get off the grid.  Why has a free person chosen prison?  Why has a living soul chosen death?