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February 2006

Beautiful are all of the possibilities that exist between two people without the burden of external influence

I recently awoke to something so simple and obvious, yet which I have been blind to for all these years.  I've been thinking about group dynamics in relationships.  When I am able to exist with one other person without the influence of is in these times that I find such truth and beauty. 

Add the influence of a third party, and dynamics change quite drastically.  Judgment ensues, jealousy, self-censorship, boundaries, embarrassment, bickering, etc.  Add a fourth person, or a fifth, and the same is true.  People are only able to share a piece of who they truly are if they are  doing so one-on-one.

If what is missing in your relationships is depth, what is needed are one-on-one relationships.  Of course what is also needed is a little honesty, compassion, and genuine curiosity to go along with it.

Maybe what's new is we know

Progressive Americans declare the loss of our county on a daily basis. But, really, isn't it the same as it ever was? Wasn't there always a spy program? Didn't we always engage in secret, illegal wars based on lies? Didn't various Administrations always hide the truth from the public? Wasn't the election always rigged (by ensuring that it is always between two corporate-approved old white guys who belong to the same club)?

What's new is that now we know. What's new is free speech on the Internet. What's new is a new generation of truth-tellers. What's new is that the people of the world are awakening.

Maybe we should stop whining about how things used to be. Did we prefer ignorance as bliss or do we prefer truth? Let's stand up proudly and prove to power...prove to each other...that we can handle the truth.