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October 2005

The one-time greatest strength and now achilles heal of the Bush Administration

The criminal Bush Administration was able to seize power, and maintain power for 5 years largely because they always worked in lock-step.  The talking points and strategy of the Republican Party over the past several years was always in-sync.  Theirs was a centralized approach to strategy.

As we learned today with the indictment of Libby, that is also what will bring them down.  They over-communicated and over-strategized.  Too many people knew too much.  One slip (the Plame leak and the failed cover-up) will bring down every single one of them like helpless dominos.

The awareness movement

How silly that we Progressive, Liberal, anti-Bush, anti-corporate, anti-war, Green, pick-your-label or pick-your-issue supporters get fractionalized and marginalized among ourselves.  We are, after all, part of the same movement.  We are all part of what might be called the "Awareness Movement".

The Awareness Movement is comprised of people around the world who are not fooled by authority.  We know governments lie to serve the interests of the ruling elite.  We know the media is owned by the ruling elite to serve the interest of the ruling elite.  We know that no institution is inevitable, but is put in place by the ruling elite to serve the interests of the ruling elite.  We know religion isn't the word of god, but the words of the ruling elite to serve the interests of the ruling elite.  We know schools don't teach truth, but teach what the ruling elites want us to know.  We know these forces of power are destroying the world.  We are aware of why things are the way they are.  Even more importantly, we are aware of the specifics.  We aren't fools and we aren't fooled.

When a critical mass of people around the world become aware we will reach the next era.  It will be an era not of nationalism, blind faith, and dutiful support...but of personal convictions and calculated decision-making.  Democracy will finally work.