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Leaving for Paris and leaving people in Paris

What will the world's last headline be?

What if one day we woke up and our world was entirely different^  What if question marks were no longer used for questions but this mark instead^  What if everything wasn't going to be ok^  What if keeping it in your prayers did absolutely squat^  What if America was no longer America^  What if nobody gave a shit about you whatsoever^  What if you've always played by the rules and always did what's right and it is no longer mattered^  What if you asked for help and nobody came^  What if you trusted authority enough to do what they ask of you, and then they let you die just because they felt like it^

That day has come. 

What if the soldiers, who have been told they are slaves, no longer believe that they are slaves?  What if they walked away, or identified the real enemy?  What if you stopped going to a job that slowly kills you and everyone else did the same?  What if everyone was able to identify the real enemies?  What if we celebrated beauty and truth?  What if everyone realized that we are humans and that, unlike "god", we are onmipotent?   What if everyone turned off the TV?

That day will never come.

All evidence suggests that we are fucked.  I've been wondering, what will the world's last news headline be?