Misadventures at Charles Darwin's grave
Coexistance is not love

The allure of coexistance

The allure of coexistence is that it turns inward the very purpose of being.  When two or more people, celebrating life and each other in the same time and space, are able to reach the highest and most beautiful forms of coexistence...then permission is given for our only purpose to be transformed into the very act of being itself. Nothing else matters.

In this sense, coexistence is the creation of a world unto itself.  But a world unto itself must be carefully guarded and controlled.  So in time, the existence of this world unto itself is inevitably bent and broken by the realities of the world at large...by the forces of nature and of society.  Coexistence is, in other words, finite.

The knowledge of this finite nature of coexistence makes emotional strength and courage a prerequisite to the achievement of this state. The state of coexistence will change, be interrupted, and will end. Yet in the end, even if only for a brief moment, can there be any higher level of being than coexistence?