Coexistance is not love
Living in harmony with the biosphere

Allowing ourselves to flourish so that life may flourish

The destruction of life on earth is accelerating as we we point fingers at the innumerable reasons.  We are so much like princesses, waiting for a knight in shining armor.  We call upon God, we search for accountable leaders, we ask for the media to change.  But it must be understood that we are the ones who have attained this higher form of wisdom.  It is we who must embrace this achievement of evolution and do something with it.

It is not enough to waste our energy, the force that powers the grand march that is our human evolution, merely on external faith or hope (if not just finger-pointing).   It is not enough to know what's really going on in the world.  It is not enough to feel correct as we wallow in shame and guilt.   We are responsible for creating the next chapter, and each of us have the power to do it.  We are the people who sense...who are sensitive to...what this world is and what it could be.

Indeed, everything needed to lead this grand march to the next phase of our evolution is inside of us.  What world do you want for yourself and your loved ones?  What is your ideal world based on?  Who do you need to become in order to live your vision?  Start down the path to your new world today.  Reach out to the right people and cast brilliant new light on your relationships.  Live with both grace and joy.  Open yourself to change, to all of life's possibilities.  Let go of the feelings of guilt and ignore those voices that hold you back. 

This is a life-and-death battle over life and death itself.  How can we expect life to flourish when we do not allow our lives to flourish?