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The Person-Centered Society

Analysis of the Democratic Party's messaging is a tired topic.  And yet the problem remains, there is currently no unifying message for the American Progressive movement.   Ask any two Progressives what they're even fighting for and you'll probably get ten answers.

I'll boldly suggest that the movement can be summarized with a simple concept:

"The Person-Centered Society."

Everything we are fighting for falls under this umbrella: a better quality of life, individual freedom, justice, individual opportunity, education, health care, and the environment.   Even the Green movement will gain momentum when it is tied back to the concept of the Person-Centered Society.  The pitch would go something like this:

"For too long, you've been forced to live in a world that is increasingly unlivable.  Jobs are going away, wages are falling, good education is more expensive, and so much of what makes life worth living is being destroyed.

That's because Republicans have created a Corporation-Centered Society...a society where people are not only ruled by corporations in their professional lives, but where the government can only pass legislation that is approved by corporations.  In a Republican-controlled America, when it is a choice between the bottom line and you...the bottom line wins every time.

It is time for a Person-Centered Society.  A society that is designed around the needs of human beings.  Where quality of life is more important than productivity.  Where your family's safety is more important than a corporation's desire to pollute.  Where your children's opportunity to live up to his or her potential is more important than expensive military misadventures.  Where freedom of choice and freedom of expression cannot be encroached upon for any reason.  In short, its time for a society designed around the idea of creating a world that is everlasting and worth living in."

I'm not talking about a Democratic Party message here...but a vision for all of us to believe in.

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