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Senior yearbook ambitions

Are you graduating high school and trying to write your senior yearbook ambitions? My advice is simple: look within. For all your life, you've been told by your parents, by your teachers, by your friends, and by the whole world what you are supposed to want, what you are supposed to become, and what you are supposed to do. Now is your time to make your own statement.

You are becoming an adult and this is your declaration of freedom. Deep down, you already know that the world is messed up and society is insane. I can tell you, if you don't already know, that the path you have been set upon through this endless repetition of what you are supposed to learn...this tedious practice of punishments and rewards...this path is not your path toward happiness. Your happiness is what excites you when you look within. Live there. Whatever excites you, do it.  But first, state it as your senior ambition.

My senior ambition entry reads:

"To never stop learning and experiencing new things.  And most importantly, never stop dreaming."

Looking back on all the years since, this is how I've lived my life.  What you write here becomes your intention.  Set an intention that will set you free.