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Respect for Authority: the core value of the values voter

Progessive politics in a deMOCKracy

Something is fundamentally different since this sham election. With the full recognition that the US is no longer a democracy – but is instead a deMOCKracy – Progressives need to do some soul-searching in order to remain sane and relevant.

In a true democracy, government power stems from the citizens…and those citizens feel a clear responsibility for policies that have gone awry. However, in a demockracy, the citizens aren’t at all responsible for the actions of the government because they have no control over it. The US electoral process is nothing more than a charade designed to suck up our energies and leave us feeling helpless and disappointed.  I think it is time to fully recognize that we are powerless subjects of our government...with little ability to influence anything.

With the full realization that this system is a sham, I think a lot of us also feel strangely relieved.  We did everything within the confines of the rules to stop the catastrophic reality that surely is to come.  But as truth-seekers, we now have to admit to ourselves that we never stood a chance. The Ruling Elites had different plans and they were never about to let us have a say. 

For subjects of a demockracy, Progressive political beliefs have little value beyond the extent to which those beliefs are directly incorporated into our personal lives.  We should focus our energies toward things we can actually influence.  We should let go of a lot of the guilt we have felt because, indeed, much of that guilt has to do with matters over which we have no control.

It is time for Progressives to get real – not to give in, but make sure our beliefs actually fit the reality in which we actually exist.