National Dept = Upward Flow of Capital
Religion is the core problem in America

On blaming the corporate media

I'm getting tired of blaming the media for what people should be doing themselves.  I'm tired of explaining away the ignorance and bigotry we see in this country...almost making the bigots themselves the victims when they are, in fact, the abusers. 

It's time to put the blame squarely where it belongs.  The primary problem with this country is ignorant bigots who call themselves Christians.  Each and every one of them is responsible for killing a lot of people (innocent Iraqis) and breaking a lot of others (good Americans who want to live in a just, livable world).  Same goes for the soldiers.  If you are stupid enough to become a killing machine, and you end up becoming the prey...tuff luck.

The time for "courting" is over.  The time for trying to reach out and help is over.  They have chosen this path and now they must travel it.  Just don't come complaining to us as your life gets worse and worse.  Go ask your church to explain.