Eliminating Distractions

Social Toxicity

Americans are becoming so emotionally charged that we are losing our ability to interact in a way that is functional.  No subject can be discussed in a thoughtful way without reducing divergent perspectives down to ideological or political bias. 

Should it be so unthinkable to openly discuss a war our country is engaged in right now?  Yet how long can one talk in an even moderately diverse group without someone having a strong emotional reaction to doing so?  Even taste in music is reduced down to politics.  More trivial yet, in some parts of this country, the neighborhoods we live in are reduced to a political statement. So what are we to talk about?

We are a divided people, and I’m not so sure it is a divide between the Left and Right as they would have us believe.  From my view, this divide is between those whose primary who are more influenced by Corporate Media (the Corportist?), and those who are more independent-minded.  By "Corporate Media", I mean any entertainment or information source that is primarily funded and supported by large corporate interests.

The Corporatist is bothered by ideas and tastes that fall outside of what can be seen on television.  The more independent-minded individual is annoyed with ideas and tastes that mimic television.  The extent to which we cling to these pre-conceived mindsets is the extent to which we shut out critical thought and we contribute to social toxicity and disfunction.

Of course, this very topic falls outside of the realm of acceptable Corporatist thinking and would therefore, itself, be a source of social toxicity if brought up at a dinner part.  So let’s continue on with our incoherent babble instead:)

Posted by Abscondo

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