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Eliminating Distractions

Communities are strong to the extent that distractions are eliminated.  Thinking about Eastern Europe during Communism, not only did people depend upon each other for day-to-day survival, but they lacked the luxury of so many distractions like cell phones and computers.  More of their time was spent interacting in a way that was fundamentally human.  Tribal communities provide an even more extreme example...where only chores interrupted the interaction between family and community.

It occurs to me that, while I place great hope in innovative, new communication technologies to connect people, too often they distract us from the real communities we are already a part of.  We sit in cubes at work, emailing or IM'ing colleagues who sit right next to us while browsing a discussion forum at the same time.  We walk to dinner with friends while they check voicemail messages.  And communication technologies are just the tip of the iceberg.  The non communication-related distractions in our day-to-day lives remove us from the larger community altogether.

Ultimately, we must each make a decision to consciously prioritize face-to-face human interaction ahead of distractions.  There is nothing more fundamentally gratifying and fulfilling than human relationships.

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