We are tired of waiting because we are not supposed to be waiting for an idol to save us. Discover love within, in the now. Be awakened and live.

Tucker Carlson on the topic of honesty

On a lazy Sunday, I enjoyed listening to Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson talk openly for 3 hours. A recurring theme from Tucker's side was the importance of honesty. 

As I write about in The Switch, all our problems are rooted in dishonesty. When we are dishonest, our suffering is ongoing, and crisis is inevitable in time.

When we commit to telling only the truth and wanting only the truth, problems cannot exist. We are aligned with reality. We sort out misunderstandings, avoid error, and there is a lightness to life.

In this interview, Tucker is a perfect reflection of this lightness. He is having so much fun it almost appears childlike at times. I, too, have experienced this same joy for so many years now. One need only commit to perfect honesty and this is our natural state. 

This is a topic that seems so absolutely boring to the ego. But if you look at the topic of honesty from the perspective of the true identity as love, consciousness, life itself; you see that all truth and wisdom are found within it. By the way, endless fun and adventure can also be found in honesty...and can be enjoyed without negative consequences.

This is what 5D human interaction looks like. Two great beings sharing their true selves without any filter. 

Our lives are shaped by where we put our attention. Find the source of love within, where you remember perfectly well that you are innocent and complete. Feel your positive energy growing. Stay connected to this place in all your thinking and doing, ignoring all else. The reality of love, the only reality, is the only power, the energy of life itself, which contains everything you want within it.

If you do not love yourself, you cannot love others. You cannot inspire others. You cannot create anything of value. You are cut off. Nothing is more urgent than learning to love yourself. 

Not your looks, not your story, not your situation, not your image, not your position or what others think of you. That is the stuff of ego.

Notice that the energy you feel inside is the same feeling as love. Do not cut it off with negative thoughts; just embrace the feeling. Let it grow. Recognize that it is love and turn that feeling on yourself. Accept your state of being, your body, your current situation as it is. Forgive anything that needs to be forgiven. Forgive yourself. 

Now live from that energy, that feeling of love, of life itself. Let it fill you up until it overflows to others. Do and create from this place. Exercise. Eat better. Work harder. Do something new. This is true change. Awakening. Healing.

Understanding the significance of Epstein client list

As we watch the Epstein client names slowly drip out, we begin to understand the illegitimacy of the entire system. The people who we once called "elites" are, in fact, the world's worst criminals. They have done the unthinkable at the island. What other human tragedies have they also been responsible for?

A tax system that has robbed and enslaved us? A media that lies about everything? A healthcare system designed to sicken and kill us? An educational system to brainwash us and take us away from our nature? A military that has started wars to serve only the most corrupt masters? A banking system where these same scumbags are able to print free money for themselves while we pay interest to them? Yes.

Are these the people who run our largest businesses? Who produce food that sickens and kills us? Who produce weapons that kill us? Products that pollute? Who manipulate us through marketing campaigns? Who create movies designed to mess up our understanding of love and reality? Who sponsor and promote ugly music and art? Yes.

For thousands of years, this same group of people have been in control. Now they went to far. Now we see the truth about who they are. We have it all. Nothing can stop what is coming. The great reveal followed by the great transfer of wealth from the criminal ex-elite to us. The Great Awakening, which the so-called conspiracy theorist were right about all along. We are not the fact-checkers. You're welcome. 

Letting go of all that is false (a story about moving in with the in-laws)

Even years after I thought that I had let go of all that is unreal in my life, the truth is that I continued to honor and carry so many beliefs, assumptions, and obligations. We are all conditioned to take on layers of false beliefs. When we do, we carry it around that the weight can become so heavy.

The weight of my false load translated into financial stress. The need to make high child support payments, to rent an office, and to rent a nice apartment in a beautiful part of a city. This meant that, as soon as I got paid every month, most of the money left my account. I had only enough left for groceries and camping. Yet, even when traveling with my family in the camper, I felt the weight of what I was paying for back in the city and not using. If there were any unexpected expenses, I would exhaust my savings (and there weren't much in the way of savings to begin with). 

As a father and loving partner, financial stress and uncertainty is the most difficult part of life. I knew that, if I lost my job for example, I would no longer be able to support that situation. Everything would fall apart.

Fear remained real for me in the form of financial worries. When fear is made real, love cannot exist. In the state of salvation, spiritual awakening, presence, being, fear cannot exist. But were my fears baseless? Imagined? 

The truth is that, where there is fear (or any type of negative emotion), reality is telling you that there is a problem that needs to be solved. In my case, I earn far more than enough income to live comfortably, yet because of the false expectations, I was spending too much. I wasn't saving. At age 48, I also had no plan for where I would live a decade or two from now. Nothing was right and something drastic had to be done.

For as long as I had been with my wife, Zuzana, her father always told me that we can live upstairs in their village house. He said it hundreds of times, but I was too proud to listen. The place is only 15 minutes outside the city of Kosice (where I had lived for 18 years). While the house is old and the upstairs needed a lot of work to make it livable, the truth is that her parents do have enough space. There is even a new preschool and elementary school just down the street. We both work at home anyway, so no issue there. Plus, we already park the camper at the house (traveling will be easier). Was what I had always thought of as our worst-case scenario actually the right move and best option?

After deep soul-searching and conversations, on November 1st we announced that we would be letting the apartment go, as well as the office space, and we would be withdrawing our son from his private preschool to enroll him in the free preschool in the village. Over the next few weeks, we spent the equivalent of 1 month's rent to buy new doors, paint the place, and carpet the entire space as we slepped outside in the camper.

Now, for the past month, we've been living upstairs in the village house. Our son is enjoying the new school. My daughter visited for Christmas. To her pleasant surprise, I even made the rec room into a full-blown jam room where we played music together for hours (not something we could do in the previous apartment).

Now we're saving thousands per month. No driving around town every day. We have more time, money for skiing, waterparks, and travel when there is a need. There is a nice hiking / biking trail here to escape to nature. Everything is fine. All that was false in our life has been released. My wife even has a parcel of land in the village and we plan to slowly build a house here with the money that we are saving.

Life is never easy. There are always challenges, especially as it relates to our relationships with other imperfect people. In our case, we share a kitchen with my wife's parents. Of course there are the sort of games that any ego plays, but we see it for what it is. We forgive any errors, we do our best, and the love in our family remains as strong as ever. 

Now I look forward to the dramatic world events that are about to come to light, the new financial system and advanced technologies that have been kept from us. I look forward to the financial abundance so many of us will enjoy with the confiscated wealth. I don't know what the future brings or exactly when these changes will come, but our present moment is aligned. We are living in truth, in full acceptance of the situation, sleeping well, having fun, feeling good. 

Let's stop being afraid to truly let go of anything we are carrying which is unreal or unnecessary. Reality will adjust and the fear will be gone. Everything will be fine. Make changes. Go forward in faith.

Getting unstuck

Through fiat currencies backed by nothing, under such a heavy tax burden, and the cost of everything increasing, humanity has been trapped in a slave system. Then came the Great Awakening...a willingness to look at and tell the truth about everything. The widespread sickness of child-trafficking, a media that lies to us about everything, a "healthcare" system that kills, religions propagating fear, schools teaching only sacrifice and confusion, and all the rest.

Now comes a new, incorruptible financial system. No more money laundering. Backed by precious metals and other assets. No more printing money out of thin air. Wealth confiscated from the Crown, the Vatican, the child-traffickers and drug dealers, the Ukrainian mafia. No more ridiculous tax burden. Humanity is about to get unstuck.

What will you do when you are unstuck? What will we need when we are free? How can you heal and heal others? What can you do that encourages perfect love, health, honesty, truth, freedom? Imagine it because it is almost here.

What's true is always true and always was true

For the first time in so many years, I find myself in a state where it seems nothing more needs to be said. I could analyze every detail about what's going on in the world; but I have no firsthand intel. I will leave this to others who have access or are more inclined.

Everything I have said about spiritual awakening, perfect love, the need to shift away from fear, about freedom, truth, reality...of course it all remains true and relevant now and always. There are hundreds of posts, books, talks, and all of it remains perfectly relevant.

I have stopped living in time, waiting for the world to change. As changes happen, I am paying attention. But waiting for fiction to end only makes the fiction seem real. Instead, we can focus on what is real now and always.

What I am here to live and teach is perfect love; what it is and what it does. Bring unconditional love into your relationships and find that they become holy, eternal, blissful. Bring perfect love into your work and enjoy financial abundance. Know that perfect love means the same thing as honesty, forgiveness, acceptance, freedom, health, bliss, and reality. Live in alignment with perfect love, in the eternal present moment, and you will feel good and be freed from fear. 

This is salvation, and it is here now for anyone who chooses to recognize that you already have everything. There is nothing to wait for. If the world changes for the better, that's wonderful. If evil deeds are being stopped, we can all be grateful. If we are one day freed from this system of propaganda and debt slavery, we can celebrate. But even if current events take a turn for the worst, the truly awake remain in a place of joy and safety.

There is nothing to wait for and nothing to fear. What's true is always true and always was true. 

The financial crash, the RV, XRP Ripple, Stellar XLM, and how you will weather the financial storm!

With Basel IV in place, the central banks are no longer allowed to create money out of thin air. Now money must be backed by assets. The BRICS+ countries are already close to rolling out asset-backed digital currency; whereby the Ruble, the Real, Yuan, etc. is backed by a specific amount of gold. This is where we are all heading, eventually.

But in the short term, the corrupted Western power structure in Europe and North American are desperately trying to fight back. Terrified of a fair, level financial playing field, they are rapidly working to roll out their own Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). These are not backed by assets; rather, backed by nothing (just like the Dollar, Euro, and other central bank currencies are today).

They are going to try to eliminate cash as an attempt to completely control every aspect of our lives and turn us into slaves (which is always their goal).

What are we supposed to do if we live in the US or a European country when this happens? When this happens, you will have a choice. Do you want to use a gold-backed currency or a fiat, ponzi-scheme currency...or put your money elsewhere?

Another critical piece of info: the cryptocurrencies XRP and XLM are the backbone to the asset-backed Quantum Financial System being rolled out by the BRICS+ countries. Combined with a bunch of other decentralized technologies, this asset-backed financial system will be uncorruptible and fully transparent.

The perfect storm. One financial system backed by real assets. The other, fully illusory. Which one do you think will have value? Where would you put your money?

Because it is the backbone of the new financial system, the value of XRP and XLM are going to skyrocket. Get your LOBSTR wallet set up to buy Stellar Lumens (XLM). Or buy some XRP. Buy these digital assets now, to extent you can afford it. As the value of Dollars and Euros go into free-fall, the price of XRP and XLM will soar. You will be very rich.

At some point, basically every country will switch to the QFS. What happens between now and then is the re-evaluation (RV). Don't take my word for it. You can learn from Charlie Ward, Quantum Stellar Initiative, WhipLash347 and many others who know. Do your own research. Just don't cling to the past, believing the lies, are you will get left behind.

Nice to see the UK finally waking up. America, of course. Slovakia and everywhere else too.
It has been a long 20+ years, mostly seeing the hidden truths alone, knowing it. I don't have much to say now, since it's been said over all these years.
Just this: this isn't real. Beneath the surface, what is real, what is coming, is historic, so perfect and beautiful. Nothing now is what it seems. The end of the forces of pain and destruction we always thought were inevitable.
Change is always painful, until it has been accepted. But this change is magnificent. See you on the other side of the storm.