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What is the purpose of your intuition?

To tap into your intuition is to find that perfect balance between thinking and feeling, and then to allow it to carry you.

To allow your intuition to carry you is to stop doing, saying, and thinking what you do not believe and do not feel.

To stop doing, saying, and thinking what you do not believe and do not feel is to make room for nature to guide you.

To make room for nature to guide you is to become all that nature has intended for you.

So, the purpose of your intuition is to allow you to become all that nature has intended for you.

At this moment, in this branded world

At this moment, in this most luxurious hotel in London, I am paid to listen to Antony in the Johnsons on a stereo that is designed as complexity for complexity's sake in a room that I will never understand.  At this moment, after reading but two old poems by Oscar Wilde, I step from that bed in duty to write for writing's sake.  At this moment, in this country of brand-aware yet life-ignorant conformists, I mourn the death of thought, authenticity, and adulthood.

This week, I suffer not for art but for reality.  In my dreams, in this most cherished realm, I create to relieve us of our bleeding consumption.  In my waking, I contribute to that same polluted realm of normalcy.  I hope to succeed in accelerating the ugly so that it becomes unbearable enough to drive us to the beautiful and blissful.  Can we please destroy the ugly by exposing it as even uglier?

After a yesterday spent at Mercedez-Benz World...amongst a sea of brand-believers convinced by the roaring engines of destruction...unaware that "the best or nothing" is nothing but the worst for us...infantalized by the brand-good-time...the brand-are-you-alright?...the-brand-someday-please-buy!...I enthusiastically plant the mind-fuck seed at the feet of the desperate believers.  You sicken me, all of you British with your considerate and legalized infantalization.  I am a man, if perhaps one of the few inhabiting your streets, trains, and motor-ways this week.  I've seen you see me and yet you no longer remember.  Have you forgotten what a man is amongst this branded nightmare of illusion?

So retreat to your iPods, your iPads, your pink-shirted striped suits, your silly games, your branded barf-bags, your utter nothingness in a life that has become a spectacle of digital fatigue masked with feigned enthusiasm.  I have stood without problem today, mocking dignity on a convention floor aside the Thames and I have spoken to you from the realm of invented absurdity with a lazy position of mockery; yet you saw and heard nothing of it.  You will even pay me for it and I will collect with a smirk.  I do not feel sympathy for your ignorance.  In this life I have seen both children and adults with real problems, with real feelings, and with real minds processing real things.  You're funny to me but not because you are as clever as you think.  You may possess realness, you clearly do not display it.  So I cannot account for it in my account of it.  You rank with the Japanese and the Americans.  You likely even lead this race to nowhere and we can only hope that your nowhere will save us with an illumination of your nothingness.  That is the only hope we are left with.

I'll Die Smiling song lyrics

Out of place
Some street in London's left me out of place
Looked right at you did you see my face?
Seems all of London's going separate ways
I got mine

To New York

No sky above me as I walk its floor
Bright lights attack me but I just ignore
Seems like New York's becoming such a bore
Waste of time

But time is still the question

What are you gonna do?
From infinite directions
You gotta choose a few

So I've searched some sad, sad cities

I've seen some semblance of the truth
I've walked so many journeys
that I've worn these scuffed-up shoes

So I'll die smiling

And I'll die trying

Deep in love

A heart that's beating should be deep in love
She looks right at me as we float above
Seems so sudden we face questions of
These two lives

Like before

A heart that's beating looks for something more
We can't stop walking through that open door
So, yes, you've got me but like I said before
This is mine

So time is still the question

What are you gonna do?
From infinite directions
You gotta choose a few

I've sought some sense of newness

And I've heard never-ending calls of youth
Yeah I've known what it means to do this
because I've shattered each excuse

And I'll die smiling

And I'll die trying
I'll die smiling
I'll die trying

Forbidden Curiosities song lyrics

I'll wait for the right moment
If it takes my whole life
Cuz none of this is real to me
The colors I know you don't see
But I feel them them inside

You've got nothing now to say to me

still on the phone with your family
So I'll keep this inside
But if in these routines you might free forbidden curiosities
I could change your whole life

In the light of a cool morning

While these thoughts are alive
The sun is lighting up those dreams
The world still sleeps so I'm still free
So I'll keep very quiet

And if I should fade off to sleep

The day will start with or without me
Then I'll do what's required
But if in these routines I might see, people who are just like me
I'll invite them inside

Hope you'll stay by my side

Abscondo poetry (podcast)

On this week's show, I read 5 poems which haven't made it into song format (yet) and share one additional track off the Secretly Titled EP (due out June 5th for free on this site). 

Next week Sofia and I will be back with our usual format.

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An American in Paris

There is no European dream
Just the life experience
From the land f the un-free
To a time and place to free us

With a glove that never fit
On a hand that didn't need it
Walked away from that sad, cold room
I quit

You might ask when I'll be back
But if you heard my lazy laugh
And knew that its not at you
You'd see I never intend to

In an artful walk that passed me by
I saw my future
Foreign languages, but familiar eyes
I feel alive

So there'll be no European dream
Dreams will never free us
From the land of the unseen
In a place where we can be us

Pohoda festival 2009

Patti Smith saw it coming
Strong woman amplified
Will we stand or start running?
Be the future or hide?

When The Ting Tings said We Walk
Late that first night
Yeah when The Ting Tings said We Walk
They were exactly right

A little bit of rain
A darkening sky
When the fatal gust came
That day at 2:59

Travis, LAMB, Ms. Torrini
Now entirely reduced
By a breathless blond on TV
Thousands walking in wet shoes

The sea of toxic faces
The flood of worried friends
The airborne event erases
What will never be again

But if something has a value
Does it also have a price?
I'd bow my head in sadness
Then stand into the night

To the sad void of security
From the freedom of the rain
Wish they all were listening
To what Patti Smith was saying