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Alone we can do nothing. But together, our minds fuse into something whose power is far beyond the power of its separate parts. (A Course in Miracles)

You have free will. You can, therefore, choose to act as if you were alone. Nobody is going to stop you from creating the illusion of separation—an error that renders you powerless, miserable and vulnerable.

The light of love cannot penetrate a mind grasping at illusions of darkness. First, a crack must appear in the illusion—a single doubt about the nature of our essence, our truth, our identity—a simple realization that we are the same in all the ways that matter. The same = one.

We are one. Children. Parents. Friends. Brothers and sisters. Lovers. Life partners. Denial of our sameness, our oneness, is denial of your power.

You are not a single ray of light, separated from other rays. We, together, are the light. To know this is enough to instantly manifest perfect love, abundance, and total freedom. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Whenever you are with a brother, you are learning what you are because you are teaching what you are. (A Course in Miracles)

“He will respond either with pain, or with joy, depending upon which teacher you are following. He will be imprisoned or released according to your decision, and so will you. Never forget your responsibility to him, because it is your responsibility to yourself. The Kingdom cannot be found alone.”

Some people seek inner peace by labeling others as narcissists and sociopaths—then creating boundaries, attempting to rid themselves of what they call “toxic relationships”. Any time we judge or condemn a brother or sister using such labels, we are serving the ego and its belief in separation.

What are you teaching? That narcissistic and sociopathic behavior is real, that the other is condemned, wrong, flawed, sinful, hopeless? This is belief in separation, not the path to inner peace. Here you seek but do not find.

Happiness is not found in isolation and separation. This is the path toward loneliness and lack. If you desire abundance and freedom, respond your brothers and sisters in spirit. Learn to communicate, and to teach, on the level of feelings and needs.

Marshall Rosenberg says, “Every criticism, judgment, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need.” Or as stated in the Tao Te Ching, “What is a bad man but a good man’s student? What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?”

To teach is to look past the error and to communicate on the level of the unmet need. Healing and growth is possible, but only if we learn to respond to each other like this: “I can see that you’re feeling angry. Is it because you have a need for more freedom, or more love, or more safety? I’d like to understand you better. Would you like to talk about this?”

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. (A Course in Miracles)

“As you see him, you will see yourself. As you treat him, you will treat yourself. As you think of him, you will think of yourself. In him, you will find yourself or lose yourself.”

All judgment or rejection of others is a form of projection. Yes, you see something in the other which makes you uncomfortable. Know also that it would be impossible to perceive anything in the other that does not also exist within yourself.

Projection is the ego’s attempt to rid yourself of that which you do not accept about yourself. By making guilty the other, then separating yourself from that person, you attempt to rid yourself of that which bothers your ego about yourself.

Projection never works. Through projection, you are merely making real that which you attempt to reject. That disgust you feel for the other is a feeling that you continue to have within. That judgment you attempt to throw upon others is a judgment you continue to carry. As you shame, blame, judge, argue, and punish—you are bringing to life suffering within. As your ego takes control—feeding on the nastiness you project—the other person is unlikely to care much about your out-of-control thoughts.

Now we turn to spirit to look beyond the traits, the judgements, the differences. We see beyond the words, thoughts and behaviors—seeing only needs. When your brother or sister speaks, acts out, engages in behavior you don’t like, or even attacks you in some way—look beyond this to the needs.

See the needs and communicate with everyone on that level. This is the loving response. Now, all differences will dissolve, conflict will disappear from your life, and there is no longer a reason to maintain boundaries because your relationships will function as naturally as breathing. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Being is known through sharing. (A Course in Miracles)

Born into this world from the eternal void of nothingness, you arrive as perfect love, abundance, and joy. Your fundamental needs are met within because this is your identity. There is nothing you need to sacrifice or to seek externally to be complete.

So is it not enough, therefore, to just keep to yourself? Why make yourself vulnerable to other people? Isn’t it possible to maintain inner-peace by maintaining outer-boundaries?

No, because doing is knowing. Yes, the source of your being—your “I am-ness”—is within. But the purpose of this dream of life is to make your being known (not to hide). Knowing requires sharing.

It is the ego who cowers in separation—believing that a heart can be broken, that safety can be threatened, that truth can be attacked, and that something real can be taken away. But the ego’s mantra is “seek but do not find.” Nothing can be known through separation but confusion.

Spirit knows that it is invulnerable. Therefore, there is no risk in sharing, giving, loving all. Spirit does not see attack as real, is not afraid of what might happen, and cares nothing of the judgment of egos—just creating, giving, loving from the center of the wheel.

Now we escape the ego, set spirit free in all dimensions of life, and experience a complete knowing. Our choice is love or fear; at all times, in all situations, with everyone. It is impossible to serve two masters. If anything is holding you back from freely sharing love, you are continuing to serve ego—the source of suffering in this world.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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God is the nothingness from which all things come.

Before the universe exploded from nothingness into a big bang of expansion, there was only nothing. Then there was both nothing and something. All the while, nothingness was never threatened, never altered, never harmed or destroyed even by this primordial explosion.

Nothingness is the source, the creator of all things. Where was a baby before it was conceived, but in the vast nothingness—the unmanifested. All life arises from nothingness.

If we do not know God, it is because we do not know nothingness. We have not yet recognized that all form as ultimately meaningless, unstable, impermanent. Now with this knowledge, form loses its grip, fear dissolves, and our God-essence within is given the freedom to love and to create.

Religion will not teach you that God is in the nothingness. Instead, the Church claims that God is in its own restrictive structures and rituals. But it is impossible for any entity or institution to grasp at or possess nothingness. God is the vast empty space within us, around us, and the eternal and infinite void that gives birth to all things. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Everybody pays attention to the things in space, but who pays attention to space, itself? (Eckhart Tolle)

“Nothing can exist without no thing.” The Power of Now

The universe contains billions or trillions of stars and even more planets, but between all these things is nothingness. The vast majority of the universe is nothingness, yet science is only concerned with the small fragment of reality comprised of things. Even your body is mostly empty space because inside every atom is empty space.

When you withdraw attention from things, you withdraw yourself from the constant stream of thought. Notice the silence, the stillness, the nothingness. Here, you enter the realm of the unmanifested, pure consciousness, being.

Consider the room you are in right now. The floor, walls, and ceiling define the boundary; but the room is just empty space. It is in the nothingness, in the stillness, in the silence you become aware of your true identity. Your fundamental needs originate from this invisible realm—here where you experience love, where you feel, where you connect with inspiration and intuition.

But don’t try to grasp it or you lose it. The concept of “no thing” cannot be understood by the mind as an object. It must be experienced beyond the mind, by you, the being. Today we consider the nothingness—the only realm that is eternally true because it is the only realm that cannot be threatened, destroyed, or changed. Herein lies your soul, your eternal self, your safety. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Relationships are easy because we all have the same fundamental needs.

We want love, comfort, freedom to be ourselves, to be respected and understood, to do something meaningful in life. On the most fundamental level, we just want to feel good.

While our fundamental needs may be the same, the way we go about fulfilling those needs differs. Now we move to the observable level of form. Here, we are all unique and different—yet, ironically, it is here where we must relate to each other.

In this observable realm of form—this dream of life—we can let go the strategies, the sacrifice, the manipulations, the rules, the rewards and punishments because none of this works to fulfill our fundamental needs.

Your honest expression of a need or want may be an opening of the door so that I might fulfill it. My expression of a need may be an opportunity for you to form a mutually-beneficial relationship with me. Just tell me what you need, nothing more, and if there is a good fit then I will naturally do my best to fulfill it.

This satisfying of each other’s needs flows effortlessly from the realm of inspiration. While we already possess everything we need within, we still feel a drive to fulfill our needs in this life. There is a natural call to connect, to give and receive, to form human relationships. In complete honesty and unconditional acceptance, we no longer need coercion, manipulation, rules, rewards, or punishments. We let go of ego to live in this realm, here where life is sweet and all our needs are met, tomorrow and each day after that.


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What is it for?

Yesterday we asked a question that leads to an awakening: what is it for?

Now you have the answer to this question. This is what you wholly want.

Perhaps you want perfect, unending love. Maybe you want to be appreciated, respected or adored. Maybe you want to make a difference. Or maybe you want perfect health, to have fun, or to feel good.

Is it possible that, all this time, you have been pursuing what you wholly want, but you have been doing it indirectly and looking in the wrong place? No matter how badly you want it, you will never find it in external form. Nothing real, nothing of any value or meaning can be found in a situation, or in a particular relationship, or in an accomplishment, or in a status symbol or possession.

Every step you have taken to find what you want within the realm of the external has led you further away from what you want. All the sacrifice has been just that: a massive sacrificing of what you already had in a misguided attempt to get it back.

Your awakening is your remembering that love, safety, freedom, and feeling amazing all come from within. All we have to do is remove the blocks by asking the question that delivers full knowledge: what is it for? Does it truly deliver?

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.    


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What is it for?

Today we ask this question again, but this time to truly answer.

Think of everything that you are doing, that you have, that you desire, that you work toward, that you dream of and seek.

What is it for? Today, please just write it down. We continue with this exercise tomorrow.


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What is it for?

Knowledge asks a simple question: what it is for? Everything that exists, everything we do, say, dream of, want, have, or achieve is for some purpose. What is the purpose?

What is it for? To ask, and then truly answer this question is to awaken to the realm of complete knowledge. In the next few days, we see past the impermanent, the situations, the mistakes, the misery, and the failures. Our vision will become so clear that now we can avoid the challenges, the drama, the errors, the misguided pursuits for the simple reason that we will now understand what it is all for.

Spiritual vision sees beyond what something is, beyond strategies, beyond symbols or possessions, beyond roles, beyond status and beyond all else that exists within the realm of perception.

What are you doing everything for? What do you not already possess that you wholly want?

We continue with this topic tomorrow.


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