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Relationships are easy because we all have the same fundamental needs.

We want love, comfort, freedom to be ourselves, to be respected and understood, to do something meaningful in life. On the most fundamental level, we just want to feel good.

While our fundamental needs may be the same, the way we go about fulfilling those needs differs. Now we move to the observable level of form. Here, we are all unique and different—yet, ironically, it is here where we must relate to each other.

In this observable realm of form—this dream of life—we can let go the strategies, the sacrifice, the manipulations, the rules, the rewards and punishments because none of this works to fulfill our fundamental needs.

Your honest expression of a need or want may be an opening of the door so that I might fulfill it. My expression of a need may be an opportunity for you to form a mutually-beneficial relationship with me. Just tell me what you need, nothing more, and if there is a good fit then I will naturally do my best to fulfill it.

This satisfying of each other’s needs flows effortlessly from the realm of inspiration. While we already possess everything we need within, we still feel a drive to fulfill our needs in this life. There is a natural call to connect, to give and receive, to form human relationships. In complete honesty and unconditional acceptance, we no longer need coercion, manipulation, rules, rewards, or punishments. We let go of ego to live in this realm, here where life is sweet and all our needs are met, tomorrow and each day after that.


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Punishment is the root of violence on our planet. (Marshall Rosenberg)

We live in a society that uses reward and punishment to control and manipulate people. Rather than basing our relationships on love and respect, we base them on rules. Rules may seem reasonable at first, but then what happens when they are broken? Punishment.

All punishment is violent. In punishment, we feel morally justified in doing harm. We fail to respect a person’s soul and spirit. Now, instead of seeing a beautiful person with limitless potential, we see a problem to be resolved by force. If a little bit of violence doesn’t produce change (it never does), we try a bit more. Go far enough and murder may seem like a reasonable option. Belief that punishment is a legitimate option is the root of all violence, including all war.

Rewards are not much better than punishments. Rewards also look past the person and are only concerned with the mindless manipulation of behavior according to arbitrary rules. Rules, and their inevitable rewards and punishments, are the violent instrument of governments, schools, corporations and all forms of centralized institutions (i.e. “authority”). The lesson is to unquestioningly obey orders.

If this isn’t bad enough, too many of us use reward and punishment in our romantic relationships and family relationships. Most parents practice violence each day, and then wonder why the relationships with their children are broken. Punishment teaches only fear and breaks all relationships.

Furthermore, this faith in violence to produce desired behavior doesn’t work. The soul wants to be free, and so too often rules are broken. Even when behavior is successfully coerced through rules, the quality of doing is poor. Anything done from guilt, fear, shame and desperation is poor, half-hearted, and of no real value. Tomorrow we look at a better way.


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What is it for?

Yesterday we asked a question that leads to an awakening: what is it for?

Now you have the answer to this question. This is what you wholly want.

Perhaps you want perfect, unending love. Maybe you want to be appreciated, respected or adored. Maybe you want to make a difference. Or maybe you want perfect health, to have fun, or to feel good.

Is it possible that, all this time, you have been pursuing what you wholly want, but you have been doing it indirectly and looking in the wrong place? No matter how badly you want it, you will never find it in external form. Nothing real, nothing of any value or meaning can be found in a situation, or in a particular relationship, or in an accomplishment, or in a status symbol or possession.

Every step you have taken to find what you want within the realm of the external has led you further away from what you want. All the sacrifice has been just that: a massive sacrificing of what you already had in a misguided attempt to get it back.

Your awakening is your remembering that love, safety, freedom, and feeling amazing all come from within. All we have to do is remove the blocks by asking the question that delivers full knowledge: what is it for? Does it truly deliver?

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.    


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What is it for?

Today we ask this question again, but this time to truly answer.

Think of everything that you are doing, that you have, that you desire, that you work toward, that you dream of and seek.

What is it for? Today, please just write it down. We continue with this exercise tomorrow.


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What is it for?

Knowledge asks a simple question: what it is for? Everything that exists, everything we do, say, dream of, want, have, or achieve is for some purpose. What is the purpose?

What is it for? To ask, and then truly answer this question is to awaken to the realm of complete knowledge. In the next few days, we see past the impermanent, the situations, the mistakes, the misery, and the failures. Our vision will become so clear that now we can avoid the challenges, the drama, the errors, the misguided pursuits for the simple reason that we will now understand what it is all for.

Spiritual vision sees beyond what something is, beyond strategies, beyond symbols or possessions, beyond roles, beyond status and beyond all else that exists within the realm of perception.

What are you doing everything for? What do you not already possess that you wholly want?

We continue with this topic tomorrow.


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Make your work your yoga.

A common misconception about the spiritual path is that it is only attainable if we remove ourselves from “the real world”. The cliché is that consciousness is found in isolation, where we practice yoga and meditate in the mountaintops. That may work for some, but there is a different spiritual path that is far more accessible and practical—the spiritual practice of Karma Yoga.

Karma Yoga is selfless action and service. It means giving, doing and creating without calculation of what you get in return. Those who practice Karma Yoga (myself included) know that the value of what we give, do and create will probably be returned in some way—but that part doesn’t really matter. Our purpose, meaning, and happiness is found in the unconditional giving part.

In truth, giving and receiving are the same act. Creating something valuable, beautiful or useful will naturally result in financial abundance and other rewards—but that isn’t the goal. The goal is to focus only on the quality of doing within an ongoing, conscious state of presence.

Karma Yoga really means acting in love. You don’t need a different set of circumstances and you don’t need to remove yourself from this place and time. Your only opportunity to practice love exists right where you are, right now. This is where you are needed. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Love does pay the rent.

The Beatles said that all you need is love. Skeptics might respond that love doesn’t pay the rent. To that, I say hell yes it does!

Love isn’t something limited to a romantic relationship. We aren’t talking about holding hands and walking into the sunset (though that kind of love is nice too). We’re talking about love as a guiding force in everything you do.

At work, respond to challenges lovingly, patiently, and with care. Who do you think they will keep around longer? The selfish guy? Or the guy helping everyone to do better, lifting everyone’s mood with kindness and presence, solving every problem and handling every challenge without any stress, struggle or conflict? Love wins easily. There is no competition.

Nothing is more practical and effective as a guiding force than love. What is the alternative? Egoic manipulation, competition and attack? This will ultimately end relationships, isolate you, and remove opportunity from your life.

Love—the energy of service and creation—is the source of all value. Here you are unstoppable. Love is all you need, and it even pays the rent. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Honesty in a relationship is a natural result of unconditional acceptance.

Offer only unconditional acceptance and honesty in a relationship and experience perfect love. In love’s perfect union, you and your willing partner will reach the depths and the heights that are only possible in spirit. Nothing is more fun, exciting, inspiring and beautiful.

In the early stages, you may get too excited and try to push too far too fast. This may bring a challenge. If either of you end up feeling threatened, hurt, or jealous; then you are to both place even more faith in unconditional acceptance and honesty. Talk freely in the language of love, give your partner space to do the same, and you will move past whatever challenges you are going through.

But try to maintain rules and boundaries and you are deciding for something less than honesty and acceptance from your partner. Anything less than unconditional acceptance is something less than pure love. It is only through pure love that perfect honesty and unconditional acceptance in a relationship is possible. If you have offered this, then you have offered everything and have nothing to fear.

Your right to exist in a state of perfect love is no different from your right to breathe. It cannot be threatened by anyone—but you must have unconditional faith. Keep going, keep offering unconditional acceptance and honesty. If the current relationship ends because of your decision for perfect love, then nothing real is lost—only the cause of your misery. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Awaken to love and forget what you are not.

Awaken to love and discover that you are not vulnerable, not desperate, not lacking or in need of anything. You are not too much, not too little, not right and not wrong.

Forget what you are not. You are not an imperfect body, nor a bank account, nor a house or car, nor any of your possessions. On the deepest level, you are neither attractive nor ugly—because you are truth, and truth is beauty.

You are not depressed, not bored, not anxious and not tired. You are not lazy and not ambitious. You are not particularly talented or unique—yet perfectly capable of doing something that everyone will recognize as beautiful and perfect.

Awaken to love and forget what you are not. Here, there is nothing you need to do except choose love with 100% faith in every situation and circumstance. Choose love with your partner, with your kids, with your parents and family. Now watch your relationships heal. Choose love in your work and watch your earnings grow and stress dissolve.

Choose love, even when others are trying to teach you a lesson or diminish you in some way. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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I am.

Some are waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ—the man worshiped as spirit made flesh. But if Jesus was a man who recognized his divine spirit—his formless soul as his eternal identity—then his work is already done because we fully recognize the truth he taught. This collective awakening we are experiencing is the second coming.

“If Christ were to return tomorrow in some externalized form, what could he or she possibly say to you other than this: I am the truth, divine presence, eternal life within you, here and now.” The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

“I am” is the most powerful, profound religious or spiritual statement because it removes time and conditions—recognizing the eternal and formless as what is real. “I am” is awareness of the eternal soul within you here and now.

Eternity does not mean that time goes on forever. It means that time isn’t real—that only the now is. What humans call time is only the movement of form in the eternal present. All form is unstable, impermanent, ultimately meaningless and unreal. Now we sense that which is real—the realm where words and perception fall short.

In John 8:58, Jesus declared, “Before Abraham was born, I am!” We are the soul, the timeless essence. There is something invisible within us that is life, that makes us human, that connects us with all other forms of life and removes all differences. The energy of this realm is love. You are divine, and you are eternal.

Today we transcend the illusion of time, of perception, and of physical form as we align our awareness to that which is real. Live from here now. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.   


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