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Forget about your life situation for a while and pay attention to your life. (Eckhart Tolle)

What’s the difference? Your life situation exists in time. It is mind stuff. Your life is now and is everything real.

When you narrow your awareness to just this moment, this space you are in, this room, this view—you find that here problems do not exist. Notice your breath. The way it feels to touch something. Notice the sounds around you, the textures, the colors. Recognize that there is nothing you are lacking in this moment and there is no challenge you cannot easily respond to. You feel your energy increase, your mood changes, and the light of inspiration begins to shine through. Now your energy has shifted toward life and away from mind activity.

Problems begin when you slip away from this state of presence. When you think about your life situation, what should have happened, what you hope will happen, what you want or what you need to do about this or that—then your focus shifts to thoughts, random mind activity, which causes anxiety and suffering. None of this stuff is real for anyone but you. It is only your dream. You are awake, but in truth sleepwalking. It is possible to awaken and begin to live fully in the only realm that is real: the now.

How? Simply notice every time your focus shifts to the past or future. Bring it back to the now. If you are driving to work, notice the trees or the bird flying by. Don’t hold onto it, just notice the continuous moment. If you are coming out of the elevator and walking to your desk, notice each step, each sound. If you are talking with a friend or colleague, pay attention to each gesture, each word. Even if you are discussing mind stuff, being present means seeing the essence of the person now—which is beyond the words, beyond the arguments, plans, worries and frustrations.

Awaken to the now. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


 Read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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Egos can clash in any situation, but spirit cannot clash at all. (A Course in Miracles)

“Spirit cannot perceive, and ego cannot know.”

Two people coming together in spirit cannot clash. In the absence of ego, they experience perfect and lasting love, union and oneness. However, it is impossible for a spiritual person to co-exist harmoniously with a person in the egoic state.

Two egos can find a way to communicate because they share the same thought system of separation. Two egos always clash through competition and debate. They generate all sorts of dysfunction, but a relationship between two egos is considered normal in this world.

But when spirit clashes with ego, a dramatic and explosive dynamic is created. Here, either true teaching must occur, or the ego must protect itself by seeking total separation. There can be no ongoing, functional relationship between a spirit and an ego. Teaching must occur, or the relationship must end.

Spirit cannot be taught. It already knows. Ego must be taught, but it cannot know. Knowing therefore requires a full release from the egoic state. This is awakening—the only process of correction and undoing of error. When a person is identified with ego, this painful but necessary process is perceived as attack.

A true teacher of spirit is willing to endure this process. We are patient and we know that the lessons must be repeated until they are learned. A healer does not collect followers; rather, ultimately wishes to heal and then become obsolete.  

You are spirit. Spirit is eternal, unchangeable and perfect. We accept and love everyone unconditionally. We forgive even before the error has occurred. When there is error, we correct even if the process is ugly. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Your starting point is truth, and you must return to your beginning. (A Course in Miracles)

The return to knowledge involves the undoing of a thought system called separation—otherwise known as the fallen or egoic state of existence. You fear this undoing as though it is death, but in truth it is only the death of error and suffering.

In simple terms, belief in separation means that you believe you are separate from the universe, you have the power to create yourself, you can control what happens, and that you will find your own salvation by arranging the external world according to your liking.

This thought system is the normal state of human existence, but it doesn’t work and never has. Has it brought you lasting peace and happiness so far? Why, after so much time adhering to a system of thought that has failed you, do you cling to it ever more tightly?

Even if you do manage to get what you want, it isn’t going to be what you want. That’s why the fabulously rich and famous often end up depressed or suicidal. Seeking salvation in any external form is error. Getting what you want in this life brings a happiness that is momentary and fleeting like the high you get from a drug.

But the mind has tremendous power under any influence. Belief in separation has miscreated a world ruled by fear, judgement, violence, tragedy and terrible suffering. People and institutions do horrible things because we have become infected with an insane thought system. Do not fear this undoing—the remembrance of knowledge and the end of error.

Now we go back to before the thought system. You were born already perfect and complete, just as you still are now. You are perfect love and all your needs are provided for. You are simple joy, happiness, and pure inspiration. For a long time, you have been taught to sacrifice. Now you forgive yourself and everyone. Together, we undo error and we heal. We lose faith in all thought systems and we return to the oneness of knowledge at the source. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  


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The choice to judge, rather than to know, is the cause of all loss of peace. (A Course in Miracles)

To judge is to place your faith in perception and interpretation rather than in knowing. Knowing is doing, tasting, touching—experiencing the reality. This requires an open mind and unconditional acceptance of what is. To judge is to stubbornly cut off the possibility of knowing because “judgement always involves rejection.”

Furthermore, “what you judge has an effect.” By trusting your own confused perception, you are cutting off the flow of life. This is the cause of all lack of abundance and unhappiness. You are resisting what is supposed to be happening to you, ignoring what others need from you, you are sending people away who are supposed to be present for you. Your delusion is this: “you believe that reality is yours to select from.” No. Reality already is and your job is to accept it so that you can know.

To judge is to place your faith in fear. You are afraid of what might happen in an act of knowing, so you hide, you wish things were different, that something else might happen in the future, that something shouldn’t have happened in the past. You resist and fight the flow of life and fate, itself. Here, there can be no love, no peace, no abundance, no growth, and no knowledge.

There is a very different path. “You have no idea of the tremendous release and deep peace that comes from meeting yourself and your brothers totally without judgement.”

“You do not need judgement to organize your life. In the presence of knowledge, all judgment is suspended.”


Quotes taken from A Course in Miracles

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Knowledge can always be remembered, never having been destroyed. (A Course in Miracles)

Knowledge is of spirit and requires no learning, only remembering. Truth is effortlessly recognized, but only by a mind that is free from conditioned perception and interpretation. There are no degrees or levels to knowledge. If you can recognize any of it within yourself, you have known it fully.

Attainment of true knowledge requires that you do nothing. Instead, you must undo everything. Meditation or true prayer is the practice of undoing the damage done to you by the world so that knowledge can be remembered. To undo is to create gaps in your stream of thoughts, moments of no thought and only awareness, so that the light of knowledge can shine through and remembering can occur.

Perception, which is of the mind and body, is what you have been taught by a world that has attempted to control you and use you. Perception interprets, judges, and asks questions but never reaches lasting conclusions. Perception is the tireless workings of a mind without knowledge that endlessly tries to control, manipulate, grasp, and get. The perceiving mind seeks but never finds, dissects but never unites. A mind without knowledge of spirit is only an ego that stubbornly defends the darkness of fear against the light of love even as it pretends to be intelligent, good and rational. This is the state of suffering.

Knowledge is effortless, beyond debate, beyond justification and rationalization. It is instantly remembered fully and completely on the level of spirit—which is beyond thoughts and words. We try to communicate knowledge through spiritual language, beautiful works of art, stories, or sometimes through rituals and symbols—but these creations are not meant to be taken literally as the truth. A spiritual teaching or creation only points to knowledge—momentarily inspiring us with the profound remembering of what we are—which naturally gives us the faith and will to undo false perception and to align fully with knowledge. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Perhaps love does exist, but it’s not what everyone thinks love is. (Don Miguel Ruiz)

To be human is to know what love is. The problem is that we’ve stopped believing in love because it never seems to last. Is lasting love only an illusion, or does happiness in love always fade in time?

Sadly, most “love” relationships are like this: “I abuse you the way you need to be abused, and you abuse me the way I need to be abused. We have a good equilibrium; it works.” (from Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz)


The problem is that we treat love like it is a drug we are addicted to. We meet someone who excites us and who is willing to give us love. It feels so good that we are afraid to lose it. We try to possess and control the person because we need the drug. We’ll desperately do whatever it takes to get a constant, on-going supply and believe it will make us happy forever.

Now the love is no longer a beautiful gift; rather, an expectation and demand. You move in together, you get married, and now you feel justified in arguing, manipulating, and abusing each other to get what you expect. Now there is no freedom, no respect, and the love fades. You might stay together for other reasons, but the fun and happy feelings are gone because you have made a terrible mistake: you thought that love is something you can get from the other.

Happiness in love comes not from the taking; rather, from the giving. Love originates from within you and flows out to the other. To find a person who is simply willing to receive your love without conditions is perfect bliss. When two people master the art of giving love without conditions and receiving love without resistance, you will both experience ongoing, perfect love.

Love doesn’t fade. It is infinite. If love seems to fade in your life, it is because you are holding back from giving it or you start trying to take it. Stop looking outside yourself and start looking within.

In love, you have never been let down by anyone but yourself. You are all the love you need and others will enjoy the love you offer. Let it flow from you freely and enjoy whatever happens in return without any expectations. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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Most people who have not experienced spiritual awakening believe the concept naïve or unrealistic. Yet those of us who simply open ourselves to the right teachings find exactly what is promised. 

It is a wonder why the vast majority of people stubbornly cling to suffering and negativity when everything we want is instantly found by simply letting go of it.

Everything promised is possible and requires only the will to learn. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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When you love someone…


Today we bring love, perception, and knowing into clear focus. Love is the feeling and the energy of knowing—which is only possible in the absence of false perception and misinterpretation.

There is only one true perception and that is what we are here to learn. When it is learned, you stop asking questions, your knowing is unchanging, and everything you truly desire is effortlessly yours. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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Perception must be straightened out before you can know anything. (A Course in Miracles)

Socrates once said that the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing. He was exactly wrong. This biased perception teaches us not to know, and then to pretend that we do know because we are rational and unbiased. This is dishonest and insane.

“True perception is the basis of knowing.” Knowing is possible, but only after ending confused perception.

A mind that does not know interprets. Interpretation cannot result in true perception or knowledge because it comes from the egoic mind. In the egoic state of changing opinions, false memories, selfish agendas, illusions of grandeur, and unrealistic hopes and dreams—knowledge and wisdom is unattainable. A confused, interpreting mind has no real power and cannot be scientific or rational (though it may falsely pretend to be so).

“You can see in many ways because perception involves interpretation.” This is the cause of conflict and the reason nobody seems to agree on anything.

Knowing is possible, but only through a spiritual awakening—a knowing of your true identity—an identification with your soul or essence. This transformation takes place within the realm of perception. In other words, “Spiritual sight is symbolic, and therefore not a device for knowing. It is a means of right perception.”

When you know who you are, when you know what ego is and how to escape it, when you are fully-aligned with oneness and begin to exist in the now—this is when the struggle of learning ends because knowing becomes effortless. You need only make up your mind in the realm of perception and all power, knowledge, and wisdom is yours. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


“You know when you have ceased to ask questions.”

Quotes taken from A Course in Miracles.

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Belief in a future heaven creates a present hell. (Eckhart Tolle)

Living for the future, in any form, is a distortion of life. The religious seek heaven. The political ideologs seek utopia. Whenever a future goal or destination becomes so important that we become willing to sacrifice the present, all is lost. This is what is meant by “the ends do not justify the means”.

Any true vision, goal, or destination must be accessible immediately, in the present. That which is real is eternal and unchanging. If what you seek is beyond reach now, then it cannot be considered eternal and, therefore, is not real. You are sacrificing all that is real in pursuit of an illusion. This is a tragedy in any and every form.

When Jesus referred to the “Kingdom of Heaven”, he was not referring to a future destination in the sky. He was telling us about consciousness, the awakened state, enlightenment, which is accessible only now. Of course, the church has distorted this message by having us believe that this life is only meant as a preparation for death. Life is supposed to be hell. Death is supposed to be your reward. This has created the sickness of fear, obedience, and suffering in the lives of countless people over hundreds and hundreds of years.

Any state of being that is real is accessible now. Nothing external, nothing in the realm of form, is required first before you can enter the state of bliss, awareness, utopia, nirvana. Heaven is now. You are meant to go there now and to bring others along. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


"Belief in a future heave creates a present hell." The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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