Self-love with Don Miguel Ruiz
To live differently

Your job isn't real. Money isn't real. It is a game.

Business is a game. A job is a game. More to the point: money is a game. None of it is real. The economy is a big game. This is why it is a mistake to define your identity or self-worth in economic terms. You are not your job or career. This game of acquiring money should be played like the game of poker. At work, you aren’t expected to be honest about your beliefs, your feelings, your dreams, or your opinions. If you are ethical, then you are expected to play the game in a way that enables others, who are also playing a game, to win. In doing so, it is up to you to make sure that you also win. If you aren't winning, play the game differently.

I wish that our world was organized in a way that ties human beings together through truth, dignity, fairness, love and kindness. Perhaps we could go back to living in tribes, we could all know each other, accept each other, and work together as part of a caring, nurturing community. But that isn’t the way the world is currently organized. Today, the economic system is a big game that is maintained by ruling elites to control us as they exploit resources for personal gain. Those who see the economic word as reality are those who lose. The true believers are they fully-exploited. Your challenge is to play the game to your benefit while finding space for your real life to flourish.




Very nice! I remembered my spiritual teacher Ken Russell used to say (already referencing somebody else) "be in the world, but not OF the world". That memory helps me sort out the duality of money a lot of times... Also, have you watched Claudio Naranjo's "Healing Civilization" interview? (link below). It gave me a point of view that helped me organize things in my mind in a way that I am not ashamed anymore to introduce and claim and put in the world values related to emotions and appetites. I think you will like it. My teacher Ken studied alongside Claudio Naranjo in Berkely and both were pupils of Fritz Perls, who came up with the Gestalt therapy. But Claudio is a Chilean psychiatrist who adds spirituality and Eastern concepts to the mix. I did a 9-day retreat with him in July when I was in the U.S. He also was nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize this year. He is responsible for how the Enneagram looks like nowadays.


Made me smile ,because as I have the real knowledge about destiny of human beings and about their lives ,you are saying the truth ,I know might be hard to believe but the truth is money is not real, and the outside world should not be believed .
People are generally seeing .. "up side down " !!
Good wishes to everybody ,responsible person I am )

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