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I think I'll start a bank

I think I'll start a bank.  I'll call it the Abscondo Bank.  I'll make you some promises and then I'll gladly accept your deposits (take your money) with a smile.  Then I'll buy a few private jets, maybe a few hotels, of course I'll throw some extravagant parties, and eventually I'll buy a few mansions.  You'll respect me, envy me, and you'll also tell yourself that I'm smart and I must deserve it.  Oh, then I'll also gamble your money away on some really risky investments.  Finally, I'll buy a few politicians because, you know, you have to plan for the future.

One day when the money starts to run out, when my spending gets too far out-of-control, and when my bad investments catch-up with me, then I'll just go to those politicians I bought.  They'll help me out.  After all, nobody wants you to realize how you've been screwed.  If you realize what I'm up to, this whole system will collapse.  Then how will I exploit you?  So, when I start to run into problems, of course the politicians will hand over some of that other money of know, the money you unquestioningly pay to the government through taxes.  I'll use that money to prop-up my ponzi scheme just a bit longer.  We'll call it a bail-out.  They'll tell you the bail-out is necessary to maintain your way of life...but in truth this is only about maintaining my way of life.

Sounds like a pretty good idea, right?  Does anybody want to give me their money right away?  Or do I need to first rent a nice office space, buy some nice suits, and put out some slick advertisements?  I'm starting to like this idea!



Crazy idea! Good luck with it!

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