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I'm Mark Manney, entrepreneur, musician, and writer with the ambitious mission to build the alternate economy that sets us free from corporations. In 2005, I escaped from a corporate job in Seattle to travel the world, start an international sales agency, and make music. I'm currently calling Slovakia home and have lived abroad for the past 10 years with my wife and 5-year-old daughter.  

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Yes, Mark!
I share your statement. You said many truths.
To accept not to change each other. To try be honest, responsible, kind to yourself and to other. Simply, to be moral, to be polite, to be tolerant, to be sensitive, to be open, to be thinking = to be good. It is so easy if we want :)
You said more than me. I know.
I agree with you 100%. Good, Mark!
Pa. Jarmila

Mark Manney

Thank you so much Jarmila! You're right that it is so easy! To the contrary, to reject and fight truth is what is exhausting. Good point!

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