The good fight
The Pennabilli Remix of "Victory in a Landlocked Sea"



It's not even corporate media these days. It's the sickness that is contagious among people. We want to see the malls, the clothes and the cars instead of those things "outside those" because other people do it. That's worse these days rather than corporate media that made us think like that in the first place. My sister's flight attendant and it's absolutely unbelievable how 99% of her colleagues travel around the world to explore new malls and then get sleep in the hotel. Such a shame and waste of time. I guess we're programmed in that way and it's upon us to resist it. *BUT* chocolate croissant (not packaged) is absolutely yummy! :D

Mark Manney

I hear you, but I don't think we're programmed that way. I think we're programmed by the corporations, institutions, and ruling elite behind them. Through a system of propaganda, we're programmed not to listen to our inner voices, not to pay attention to how we actually feel, and not to think about the extent to which we waste our lives doing not just the trivial, but the thoroughly unenjoyable and destructive. I'm not immune to this either, mind you.

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