Morality of Consequence
I'll Die Smiling song lyrics

Forbidden Curiosities song lyrics

I'll wait for the right moment
If it takes my whole life
Cuz none of this is real to me
The colors I know you don't see
But I feel them them inside

You've got nothing now to say to me

still on the phone with your family
So I'll keep this inside
But if in these routines you might free forbidden curiosities
I could change your whole life

In the light of a cool morning

While these thoughts are alive
The sun is lighting up those dreams
The world still sleeps so I'm still free
So I'll keep very quiet

And if I should fade off to sleep

The day will start with or without me
Then I'll do what's required
But if in these routines I might see, people who are just like me
I'll invite them inside

Hope you'll stay by my side


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