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I'm Mark Manney, an American entrepreneur, musician, and writer with the ambitious mission to build the alternate economy that sets us free from corporations. In 2005, I escaped from a corporate job in Seattle to travel the world, start an international sales agency, and make music. I'm currently calling Slovakia home and have lived abroad for the past 10 years with my wife and 5-year-old daughter.  

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I have been thinking about this as there is a lot of dicosusisn going on in the media about what makes a person happy, and indeed what is happiness. To me it is a state of mind but what makes me happy? There are all the usual trite comments about money, health, property. However I can think of many people who have these, all or in any mix, and are not happy. There is also one which is being mooted around that you can create happiness by doing a good turn for a stranger every day. In this climate I can foresee a lot of problems if a good deed is forced on someone, not everyone would accept it in the spirit it is meant. From several happenings and dicosusisns I have had this week I have come to the conclusion that what makes me happy is friendship. For this and in this I am truly happy. I hope this does not make me seem smug but it is how I feel, I know it is not advice but hope other contributors may feel the same way.

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