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Enough with the Intellectual Relativism

I've noticed a growing phenomenon in America today.  You even see it in some of the comments on this blog: "Intellectual Relativism".  There.  I invented a somewhat new term.

"Moral relativism" is the belief that there is no truth when it comes to morality and faith. "Intellectual relativism" takes this flawed notion to the extreme...demanding that all ideas are equal and valid (more likely that my idea is equal to yours despite its merits).  It is the belief that an idea is right because I think it is right and nobody has the right to point out that it is wrong. 

Some ideas are just plain wrong.  Evolution exists just as the sun rises every morning.  Oh, and the world is not 6,000 years old.

Consider the words of a visitor on this blog, Ron:

"The bigotry is so much on the liberal side. They seek to impose their humanistic philosophy through forced taxation and indoctrination in the public schools.  You obviously believe your belief is superior, and you want to use government to enforce it. That is not new. It is in common with Hitler, Mao, and the Spanish Inquisition." 

Ron thinks that Creationism should be taught in school.  Creationism is a fairy tale, and I don't approve of fairy tales being taught as fact.  Sorry Ron, your ideas are not equal to mine.  They are inferior because they are wrong.  You cannot effectively argue your position and so you resort to sophomoric moral, and intellectual relativism.

Society's pursuit of truth and understanding demands intellectual honesty.

Posted by Abscondo