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Enough with the Intellectual Relativism

I've noticed a growing phenomenon in America today.  You even see it in some of the comments on this blog: "Intellectual Relativism".  There.  I invented a somewhat new term.

"Moral relativism" is the belief that there is no truth when it comes to morality and faith. "Intellectual relativism" takes this flawed notion to the extreme...demanding that all ideas are equal and valid (more likely that my idea is equal to yours despite its merits).  It is the belief that an idea is right because I think it is right and nobody has the right to point out that it is wrong. 

Some ideas are just plain wrong.  Evolution exists just as the sun rises every morning.  Oh, and the world is not 6,000 years old.

Consider the words of a visitor on this blog, Ron:

"The bigotry is so much on the liberal side. They seek to impose their humanistic philosophy through forced taxation and indoctrination in the public schools.  You obviously believe your belief is superior, and you want to use government to enforce it. That is not new. It is in common with Hitler, Mao, and the Spanish Inquisition." 

Ron thinks that Creationism should be taught in school.  Creationism is a fairy tale, and I don't approve of fairy tales being taught as fact.  Sorry Ron, your ideas are not equal to mine.  They are inferior because they are wrong.  You cannot effectively argue your position and so you resort to sophomoric moral, and intellectual relativism.

Society's pursuit of truth and understanding demands intellectual honesty.


Seth Jackson

Maybe you define the term different than my professors but "moral relativism" is not a value judgement about morals. Moral relativism merely describes that different people can come to different moral conclusions. You can say clearly that Hitler was wrong, for example, and still realize that he thought he was right.


Is there any other opinion allowed in this country except those of the people in power? It sure doesn't feel that way sometimes.

Another Dreamer

Maybe Seth is right. Maybe I'm just describing moral relitavism.

I guess its hard to think about this without a specific example. I guess I'm not arguing about moral conclusions, but facts. I believe there are facts in the world. The world is not 6,000 years old, and that being the case...a teacher has no obligation nor right to teach a lie.

I'll argue that Intellectual Relitavism is the idea that there are no facts at all. To contrast: Moral Relitavists argue that there are no truths...or universal truths. Intellectual facts and moral truths are two different things.

Take, for example, the statement: "Nobody is sitting on that chair." It is ridiculous to argue this fact.


Wow, I’m stunned at the brainpower. Trust me I know I need to just forget about what I’ve read and heard here and just move on BUT… I would feel guilty later if I didn’t try to help… So… here goes… Back in the 19th century, waaaaaay back when the king of atheism Charles Darwin was in his prime and in the mist of his piddling, he concluded that there is no such thing as intelligent design. That’s the short story anyway, and, I must admit, after reading THESE writings, he might be right about the absence of SOME intelligent design. HOWEVER, just as Newton's physics are outdated by Einstein's - so too have the theories of evolution been updated. In the 21st century - in which we now exist, scientists like Bill Dembski (please feel free to Google that name and learn) proclaim, quite convincingly I might add, that Darwin’s work equates to that of Mr. Newton’s. Obsolete to say the least. In fact, intelligent design does exist and there is no way to disprove it scientifically at this point in time. Sorry Frued, Darwin and all the rest of the non-believers. I’m ok with that because modern science bares heavy proof. At the very simplest of theories, from nothing, comes nothing. I know I’m skipping over a lot but this is enough to get anyone going in the event they might want to move from 19th century science and come up to speed on 21st century medicine and science where we now have a little help from supercomputers. Oooooooooo cool!! It turns out that cell structure is just a wee bit more complex then Darwin ever dreamt. Furthermore, Darwin himself spoke of complex organs, like your eyes, where he realized that if in one generation an organ as complex as an eye suddenly appeared, this event would be equivalent to a miracle. This tells me he didn’t even believe his own work to some degree. I digress some… bottom line is 21st century science proves without a shadow of a doubt that there is something more at play when it comes to evolution. And just to prove I am not single sided, evolution most certainly exists, but not at ridicules rate that Darwinism would have you believe. Just purely from a mathematical and time scale stand point its absurd. Our species as we know it is no more then 150K years old. I laughed when you enlightened your readers that the earth really isn’t just 6K years old. Do you really think that creationists on this planet think the world is only 6K years old? LOL now I’m laughing. Please, for your own sake, Welcome to the 21st century. Time to wake up Dreamer. Peace. PS, people… make sure the educational institutions you send you children to aren’t filled with professors that only grade homework by how many answers they thought were wrong. Please, do some research and give your children a fighting chance in this world when it comes to education. Avoid Colorado at all costs apparently. LOL. Don’t worry, I will become bored and move on soon. Even I need a good laugh, that’s why I’m listening to your music and reading your masterful literary works. Plus, I want to hear your reply because laughter is good for the soul! HA! Get it? The Lord works in mysterious ways. He hangs out on the internet sometimes. I’m sure him and Darwin are having a good laugh at this website of yours. LOL. Peace Bro.

Another Dreamer

Wow, when you think about it like end up waisting a lot of time. Sorry, I don't have the patience to read that drivel. Anybody who tries to argue against evolution, with fairy tales such as intelligent design, ends up twisting their mind into knots. That's what appears to have happened in this post. See, I don't have a way or the prove or disprove "god". I only care about what is observable, so your post doesn't even interest me.


Well I’m just trying to help is all. I figured I was wasting my time. I was hoping for a little more game then that. It’s clear however your were stretching the truth a bit about developing your intellectual defenses by reading Chomsky and Korten. You to could have saved some time in your reply by just saying… “why don’t you just shut up!!!” or “liar liar!!!” You know what is funny. Your spew about how Americans are such a pains in the ass. Hello!!! YOUR AMERICAN!!! The difference between you and me is I love this country because I know its history. I know what it truly stands for and you don’t! I know it all the way back to the French Revolution and then some. I know why we have a dualistic system. I know what roles Rome, Greece, and Mesopotamia played not only in the history of our great country but how it influenced Europe. I know these things because I read. I don’t regurgitate chunks of other people’s philosophy and mix it in with some big words like Authoritarian power. I even know why you have the views you have and I bet you don’t. Want some proof? Everything I read on your web site here strongly resembles something known as Utopianism. Do you know what that is? If you do, then your familiar with another big word “Totalitarianism.” By the way, your in the right part of the world according to your beliefs. Peace. I like your immigrant song. Have a great Easter Weekend! Oh yah, I almost forgot, your right… that Jesus guy did have something to say about judging others. Hypocrite is another big word.

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