We are more than body and mind.

There is a dimension of our being that is beyond physical form and yet more real than anything observable. This is the self that cannot be seen, nor understood, nor possessed.

We can study our biology—observing the heart beat and measuring mind activity—yet will this ever help us understand what exactly is life? Where is life? Is it a thing that can be physically seen? Held? Observed? Understood by the mind? Where does it come from? Why does some matter possess this thing called life and other matter does not?

We can observe everything that life does, but it is impossible to observe what life is. We are alive, and so the same can be said of us: we can observe everything that we do, but we cannot observe what we are.

This simple awareness of what we are frees us from what is unreal and changes everything. To know, each moment, what we are is to place the mind and body in service to complete truth and knowledge—the source of all consciousness, creation and power.

Now we move beyond words like “spiritual”, “God”, “soul”, or even “love”. These are only words that we use to point to this truth. Embrace the invisible realm beyond words as your true identity today, tomorrow and each moment of each day after that.   


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Truth is the opposite of what the ego has learned.

This statement contains two words that are an immediate turn-off for most people: “truth” & “ego”. There are two reasons for this: 1) the ego is threatened when it becomes aware of itself, and 2) the ego wants to invent its own truths—which are always limited to that which is impermanent and therefore cannot be true.

The ego’s basic doctrine is, “Seek but do not find.” The ego deceives you by promising happiness, then leads you down a path in which only short-term pleasure or satisfaction is possible. Following ego, you are led away from the place of truth where you were already perfectly happy and complete—and into the chaos of constant sacrifice aimed at delivering only short-term highs followed by painful and depressing lows.

From a very young age, you have been taught there is no other way. The real truth has been called naïve, impossible—and you have been convinced that there is no alternative to what the ego calls “normal”. In a world dominated by ego, truth is always the opposite of normal.

The truth is that you do not need the ego. By identifying completely with consciousness, presence, love, God or whatever you want to call it—you cannot be threatened and have nothing to fear. Here, your knowledge is complete and there is no confusion. Your abilities are limitless, your happiness is constant, you are free and your life is abundant. You need only observe the ego and establish a daily practice that will help you undo it completely. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Let go of the past and begin every day at a higher level of love. (Don Miguel Ruiz)

The romantic realm is love’s playground. Here you learn to serve love, you teach love, you play, you grow and have fun. “Love is what makes you happy, and if you become the servant of love, and your partner becomes the servant of love, you can just imagine all the possibilities.”

To serve love is your highest ideal—your goal at home, at work, in every aspect of life. In the confused mind, there were times when you did not know this. You therefore must first forgive yourself and everyone else who does not know this. Forgiveness, or unconditional acceptance, is a powerful letting go of everything that is not love—a seeing of only love and a shrugging-off of all else.

“The day will come when you can be with your partner with no guilt and no blame, no anger and no sadness.” Let go of the past and forgive so that there is no resentment, you can be yourself, and you can have fun.

“You are there to serve your love to your lover, to be each other’s servant. In every kiss, in every touch, you feel you are each there to please the one you love, without expecting anything back.” In this type of relationship, “Sex becomes a complete surrendering, a dance, an art, a supreme expression of beauty.”

“It’s no longer a war of control; it’s about service.” We serve love today, tomorrow and each day after that.


-Quotes from Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

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Love isn’t something you can get. It is something you already have and can give.

Do you accept yourself fully? Can you let go of the condemnation, the shaming, the blaming done to you by yourself and others? Do you know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you? Today we fall in love with ourselves.

You have been taught self-hatred and shame by those who would use this to control you or to possess you—but you are not guilty. Because you have condemned yourself, you have extended attack, argument, complaint, and frustration. From this place of self-loathing, maybe you have abused yourself or mistreated others. This is not something you should feel guilty about—only something to be undone through self-love. Here, in the present moment, it can and will be easily undone through love.

To find love, you must fall in love with yourself. Rather than searching for love in the eyes of another, try lying on your back in bed staring at the ceiling. Here, you can begin to remove the blockages that prevent self-love.  

Love is not what the ego calls love. It is not a gift to be delivered to you by one true soulmate who will save you. Love is not to be found in seduction, nor in promises of commitment, nor in anything another person is supposed to do for you. That’s not love. Love isn’t something you can get. It is something you already have and can give.     

You are perfectly lovable and all the love you need is within you. Can you feel your heart begin to unblock? You are not guilty. We will free you from the guilt, the shame, the regret so that you can fall in love with yourself and then extend that love tomorrow and each day after that.


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Today I go beyond faith.

You might recognize the truth in these teachings even in a mind that is conflicted. When you get further along, you may even start to believe. What comes next?

To go even beyond belief is to spiritually awaken—to enter the kingdom of heaven, to know the peace of God, to become fully conscious. These words all mean the same thing—describing the purity of your soul when detached from ego. This is the real you—spirit that goes beyond faith and into being.

You cannot go beyond belief until you believe fully. To wholly believe means that chaos and consistency cannot coexist for long. They are mutually exclusive. Spirit becomes wholly real and ego dies.

“Unify the mind so that it can perceive without judgement.” This requires a daily practice of vigilance. Read, watch, or listen to something each morning that brings you into the realm of spirit. This is your defense against losing yourself in the dream of form and the conditioning of the world. Even the most wonderful book will have little long-term impact if you do not continue this practice daily.

Eventually, your spiritual practice becomes as effortless as true love. Love effortlessly extends outward simply because it cannot be contained. Being limitless, it does not stop. It creates forever, but not in time because your creation has always been. Eternity is yours now, tomorrow and each day after that.


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To gain, you must give, not bargain.

To bargain is to limit giving by being careful not to give more than is received. If mastered, perhaps a life of bargain is just enough to sustain us. But what would happen if, instead, you were to create for the world a gift far beyond the limitations of bargaining?

Think for a moment about history’s greatest inventors, the great novelists, the world-renowned musicians and beloved leaders. It is they who have manifested the technology and culture we know.

What separates these extraordinary creators from the rest of us is that they understood today’s lesson and lived it. If any of them had bargained upfront, their creations would have been insignificant. Instead, they unleashed something of such extraordinary value—something that produced such an overwhelming gain—that these individuals eventually became rich, famous, and beloved through generations.

The ego is always willing to strike a bargain, but nothing of real value can be gained through bargain. Bargaining means that there cannot be any increase in value, only an exchange of like for like.

Embrace your unlimited power to create. Just start somewhere and continue forever at a pace that feels right. The measure of what you create is not in time and cannot be negotiated upfront. Instead, it must be believed in fully, wholly without doubt, from the realm of spirit and love. Today we live from this place, where nothing can hold us back. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Ego and spirit are in fundamental disagreement about everything.

Disease is in fundamental disagreement with health. Separation is in fundamental disagreement with unity. Darkness is in fundamental disagreement with light. Sound is in fundamental disagreement with silence.

When something is in fundamental disagreement with something else, both cannot be true. When one is made real, the other instantly becomes unreal.

Just as darkness is lack of light, ego is lack of spirit. To live in spirit requires the complete undoing of ego. Ego is so fragile that it’s destruction requires only that we bring ego into the light.

Know only that you are not your thoughts; rather, the silent and still observer of your thoughts. Now you can observe your thoughts from the perspective of conscious presence. Observe the aliveness of the present moment and let go of the ideas of past and future. You are not the stories, illusions and dreams of the mind. We continue in spirit tomorrow and each day after that.


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Nothing is difficult that is wholly desired. To desire wholly is to create. (A Course in Miracles)

To desire wholly means to leave no room for conflict or doubt. It isn’t possible to desire wholly while maintaining any allegiance to a thought system that causes conflict and uncertainty.

Society imposes a thought system through an elaborate system of reward and punishment. We have been conditioned to obey, to conform, and shown that our primary function is to get and to consume.

To be “normal”, we are all expected to follow the same rules—yet we are also supposed to demonstrate that we are somehow different and special. So we try to stand out by acquiring possessions made by corporate manufacturers, adhering to belief systems taught by the corporate media, and conforming to cultural movements, groups, or fashions designed by brands.

We then compare ourselves to others who are doing the same—constantly evaluating whether we are better at it than they are. When we fail, we feel worthless. When we succeed, we are disliked and envied.

This way of life cannot be desired wholly because it leaves a hole in the soul. It fundamentally fails to offer what we want. We wholly want to be accepted, valued and recognized. This requires an outflow of love, service, helpfulness, teaching and creation. Confusion must be transcended through complete allegiance to love. All forms of attack, competition and greed must first be made unreal.

Creating is your function. Manifestation is what you were designed to do, though you have been taught differently. Today we undo the unreal system of thought so that we align wholly with the miracle of love tomorrow and each day after that.



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There can be no conflict between sanity and insanity. Only one is true, and so only one is real. (A Course in Miracles)

To believe in two separate thought systems is to be conflicted. The world teaches us the egoic thought system, which is supposed to make us happy when put into practice. But belief in the ego ultimately brings feelings of emptiness, dissatisfaction, overwhelming fear and depression—a sinking feeling that there must be something more to life than this.

So, in private, we instinctually break free. We seek beautiful escape in love relationships, forbidden sexuality, travel, natural beauty, art and other forms of release from the tortured state taught by those who claim authority. It is here, even with no teaching at all, we remember another thought system—an instinctual one that the world is against. This is where we find excitement, peace, fulfillment—everything we want.

Now life gets confusing because we try to straddle both thought systems. We try to find space for brief moments of beauty and bliss, then are immediately pulled back by the world’s calls of fear and duty. We attempt to refine an individual thought system comprised of bits and pieces of each—which results in dishonesty, utter confusion, stagnation, and paralysis. It is impossible to serve two masters. One must be made real—which scares us because deep down we know which one is real and which one must be left behind.

To live in knowledge and truth means to follow one unconfused system of thought, which is only this: love. The other, which is ego, offers only false promises and illusion. We move forward in only love today, tomorrow, and each day after that.


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Break free

The word “freedom” scares some people, just like the word “God” turns off others. In truth, freedom means the same thing as consciousness, presence, enlightenment, and God. Freedom without atonement (another word), without inner peace, without awareness of your true self is impossible and means nothing. Today we look past the word and look more deeply at freedom.

If you are in a job where you are forced to be in a specific environment—where you must behave in a way that is inauthentic for 40 hours a week or more—it will be very difficult for you to experience a spiritual awakening. You need to be free to feel good, to meditate, to exercise, to go for a walk, to chase an idea, to start a new venture, to meet someone for a conversation, to read, write, or play music.

If you depend upon one employer for your income, you are not free. You are placing your faith not in your ability to create value through service and creation, not in the abundance of the universe that is possible if you are aligned with love, not in spirit, nor in yourself, nor in God. You have chosen to seek safety and protection from an employer, and for this you have sacrificed a great deal. This is a house without a foundation. Companies fail, they get acquired, and your job might be outsourced or automated. Your freedom is worth too much to exchange for this false sense of safety.

Work is always necessary, but the goal and purpose of work is maximum income in minimum time. Work is not about sitting in an office pretending, living in fear of losing your job. Employment is beneficial and useful for a time to help us gain skills. Beyond that, it becomes crippling. Peace, joy and happiness through enlightenment requires freedom.

You can take the first step toward breaking free by reading the “4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss. Learn to produce value in the way that you choose to, for the reasons you understand. Learn to serve many companies and many people. Earn income from multiple sources. The source of value and abundance in your life is the love within you. Love is giving, serving, creating. Learn to channel it wisely and earn maximum income.

Most of us find ourselves in a relationship or a job in which we are not entirely free. This is an essential part of life experience and a wonderful opportunity for growth. You can still find peace and joy by going to the present moment. But ultimately, we all dream of more—total abundance and the freedom to live in alignment with truth. This is what we are learning. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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