Do you recognize yourself in me?

Do you recognize yourself in me? I know that I am the same as you, at least in all the ways that matter.

You and I both want to feel good. We want love. We want to be free. We want to feel safe and protected. We want perfect health. Financial abundance. We want our lives to be meaningful. We want to feel desired and appreciated. We want to be understood. Is any of this not true?

We want to experience pleasure and beauty. We want to laugh. We want adventure. We want new experiences. We want to stop feeling tired. We want to stop worrying and to stop feeling guilt and shame. We want to sleep well at night. We want to wake up excited about the new day.

Everything mentioned so far is not only true about you but, beyond this, these are the most important things to you. So how can it be that you identify as different, separate, and isolated from others? If every human being wants these same things, then how can you not see yourself in me and be willing to easily connect with me?

If you dwell on the ways in which you are different, then you are identifying with those things which do not matter. By focusing on what does not matter, the things you truly want will never become your reality. You will resist, attack, and war with others on a superficial level that does not matter. Therefore, your true needs will never be met. You will continue only to want. That which is most important to you will never become your reality.

To want is not to get; rather, only to embrace a state of wanting. The most important shift that can occur in your life is the shift from “I want” to “I am”. Stop wanting to feel good, to experience love, to be free and, instead, change your thoughts to become health, freedom, inspiration, and love.

I am Final (transparent)

To focus on the ways in which we are different is to focus on that which does not matter. You don’t like the way I look? You don’t like my voice, my nationality, my gender, my political opinions, my profession, my sexuality, my fashion, my taste in music? So what? None of those things matter. It seems kind of silly to allow that which doesn’t matter to get in the way of what does. Let's just go straight to what does matter and live there.

Everything you truly want is here for you, now, in this present moment. Try it out by connecting with me on the basis of our commonality. 

Mark Manney is the founder of “I am” by Infobeing ( (

World's best floatation tank therapy

If you would like to find peace with yourself while growing closer to God, come to Croatia. The water here is salty enough, and calm enough, that you can float on your back without any effort. Find a quiet part of the sea, swim out as far as you like, close your eyes and float for as long as you can. Feel yourself connecting with the coolness of the water, with the warmth of the blazing sun. After some time, you lose not just your balance--you lose any connection to time and space. You feel as if you are suspended, slowly spinning around. Now, open your eyes and realize that you are exactly where you were before, safe and sound. Feel your senses become more alert. See, hear, touch, and smell with uncommon clarity. 

Away from all that is artificial, one's thoughts naturally orient around what is real.  And just what is real? The water, the sun, the rocks, the trees, the crickets, the waves, the infinite details in between. Your thoughts become not so much thoughts, as observations. You are aligned with your source. Now read a little (but not too much), write a little (just until you feel tired of it), listen to some music (paying attention to every sound), engage in deep conversations about nothing, sleep, repeat.

Mark Manney is the founder of “I am” by Infobeing ( (